Superintendent of Schools Ralph Yoder, announced that Alicia Goodman was recently recognized as the recipient of the “Make Their Day Better” award for December 2014. This monthly award was instituted by Superintendent Yoder to recognize individuals that make a difference in the day of fellow staff members, students and/or parents.

Mrs. Goodman has been working for the Calhoun County School Board for twenty three years. Currently, she is employed as an Exceptional Student Education teacher at Blountstown Elementary School.

Mrs. Goodman was nominated by several of her colleagues who shared the following:
I never see her waste one moment of time that could be spent helping students and teachers. She goes above and beyond for each student always collaborating with the teacher to make the most of her time with the student. Then in addition to her regular duties and helping with make-a-mess, she came to our POD on the 19th to take all the students to the computer lab for 45 minutes to give kindergarten teachers a break (since she knows we miss our PE time on early release days)! She is so thoughtful and definitely made our day better!

Not only is Alicia consistent and hard working with pulling and helping our ESE students, she is always asking how she can help us. If anyone mentions needing help with a certain topic or area she's on top of finding an answer to how we can better teach our students. When she's going to be out for any reason she always comes by to make sure we are aware and to see if there's anything we need before she's away. To see her interact with the students is always spot on as well. She's loving and caring but gives that tough nudge to those who need a little extra encouragement to do their best. She is an encourager and a motivator - whether with the students or the teachers. It's not always the big productions that make the most impact on people - most of the time it's the little acts of "just doing my job" that shine through! Thank you to those who don't even know when they're making everyone’s day a little better!

Pam Bozeman, Principal of Blountstown Elementary School stated, “Mrs. Goodman consistently goes above and beyond in her daily routine at BES. I am thankful for how she selflessly serves her colleagues, as well as our students and their families.”

Congratulations to Mrs. Goodman as she works daily to make other’s days better.